how to love you

“How to love you” is the second part of the trilogy. The piece is inspired by the aspects of a genuine curiosity, and a common interest towards another person. The couple approach with curiosity and the communication develops. Throughout the choreography, the two partners learn how to handle themselves in various strenuous situations, both physical and emotional.

“How to love you” is the second production by Tran/Rivrud Project.


Choreography and dance: Tony Tran and Hedda Rivrud
Supported by: R.E.D
Photo: Peter Hypher
Video: Antero Hein
Performed at Maidans Lørenskog Festival 2015



15th November 2014, Scenehuset, Norway*
16th November 2014, Scenehuset, Norway
30th May 2015, MAIDANS Festival, Norway
18th July 2015, Ravnedans Contemporary Dance Festival, Norway


18th July 2014, R.E.D., Norway
23th August 2014, Festival St.Dans, Norway
24th August 2014, Festival St.Dans, Norway