Groupings in which cohesion is based on the common struggle for a sometimes dubious, greater whole, are on the rise again in our society. Brotherly, a choreographic work for three diverse dancers, turns the gaze to the human in such groups – and to a body firmly bound to strict principles and at the same time voluntarily participating. For that, Brotherly explores the restricted body in traditional forms of Irish dance. This dance is often equated with Riverdance – dancers in a line, arms tight and immobile to the torso, and spirited footwork. It emerged in the 19th century under the rule of England as a patriotic revival of Irish culture before evolving more and more into the competitive scene that it is nowadays.

In the trio Brotherly, Irish dance merges with contemporary dance into a restless journey where we will witness the three bodies bound to double-edged dynamics – gradually revealing the human spirit in the cold and pressure-full, yet also at times hilarious atmosphere of companionship.


Choreography: Tony Tran
Developed by: Oran Leong, Benjamin Windborg, Trine Lise Moe and Dina Moen
Performed by: Dina Moen, Trine Lise Moe and Benjamin Windborg,
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Music Composition: Morgan Hickinbotham
Light Design: Yasin Gyltepe
Sound advisor: Espen Reinertsen
Costume advisor: Lydia Sonderegger
Co-production and collaboration: Bærum Kulturhus and Ål Kulturhus
Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, Audio and Visual Fund, Fund for Performing Artists, Oslo Kommune, Fredrikstad Kommune, Viken Fylkeskommune
Thanks to: Nan Van Houte, Hanne Frostad Håkonsen and Roza Moshtaghi

tour dates

Premiere in January 2022.