Encryption [2018] is a performance inspired by the issues surrounding illegal surveillance, data mining and human relationship to technology.

With the increasing capacity for gathering and manipulating data there is no limitation for what kind of representation of persons and events that can be created and for what purpose. This opens up a divide between the representation of the world and actual reality.
The performance seeks to generate a room within this ambivalent landscape, where the line between what is real and not has become blurred. It is an attempt to bodily and visually explore the space between contradictory forces; a place where reality loses its integrity and is transformed, without us fully recognizing how or why it matters.

Encryption is a collaborative project between two artists from different disciplines. Through an ongoing dialogue they have developed two complimentary approaches to a shared theme.


Direction and concept: Tony Tran and Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen
Video: Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen
Performer: Tony Tran
Dramaturgy: Ingri Fiksdal, Thomas Schaupp
Sound design: Mileece I’Anson
Costume: Tanja Andreeva
Light and Video Consultant: Tobias Leira
Outside Eye: Marie Bergby Handeland, Hedda Rivrud
Administrative consultant: Annika Ostwald
Co-producers: Black Box Theatre Oslo, DansiT, Dansearena Nord
Collaborations: Grenland Kunsthall, Nordic House Reykjavik, Nordic Institute in Åland
Supported by: the Norwegian Arts Council, the Audio and Visual Fund, the Fund for Performing Artists, the Nordic Culture Fund, City of Oslo, Norwegian Network for Performing Arts for Young Audiences

Photo: Vårscenefest / Jamie Michael Bivard