FIGHT CLUB is a new contemporary dance piece that investigates street fights and riots as choreographic frameworks, in which violence and sexuality intersect and express ways of being a man. Together with five diverse dancers and two musicians, the work explores these hyper violent landscapes as bodily points of entry into the greater dominant and conservative script of masculinity, where violence stands central.

To this end FIGHT CLUB will turn to different martial arts and the seeming chaotic spontaneity of fights that occur in streets and kindred urban settings as the basis for a choreographic structure within contemporary dance. The work draws inspiration from observations of the masculine and its varied makeup, its potential to fracture and the role of violence in both maintaining and mending its structure. FIGHT CLUB will deepen and expand these explorations into the realm of gender and sexuality, in order to disturb and disrupt the dominant scripts of masculinity.


More info coming soon.

tour dates

Premiere fall 2023. More info coming soon.