Various forms and states of endurance and exhaustion have been at the core of Tony Tran’s choreographic work ever since. States that mirror the social life of being a minority and of being restricted – by society but also by oneself. FIGHT CLUB proposes a fictional exploration against these restrictions: Four performers, all belonging to a socially marginalized group, search for a common gesture of protest. Little by little a choreographic interplay between resistance and unison emerges that reveals the delicate and fragile, but also hopeful bond that holds us together as a society. What do we want to fight for as one? And how can we stand together as individuals?



Choreography: Tony Tran
Performers: Trine Lise Moe, Lin Van Kaam, Jonathan Ibsen, Ornilia Percia Ubisse, Judith Arupa, Tormod Skår Midtbø and Victor Amel Olivares Pedersen
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Music: Espen Reinertsen
Funded by Art Council Norway
Residency SPACE & PLACE is supported by Dalateatern, Ludvika Teaterförening, Riksteatern Dalarna and Riksteatern Sweden
Photo: Victoria Champion

tour dates

Premiere in Fall 2026.