and then they were

“And then they were” deals with the human instinct, inner emotions and the relationship between a man and a woman.
The piece was initially intended as part of a series of trilogy, but has also come to function as a personal reflection upon the human relationship. Human beings tend to seek control over, and attempt to blame, as a dysfunctional consequence of the human life. The dancers cling and hold to one another, in spite they struggle with each other.

“And then they were” is a production by Tran/Rivrud Project.


Choreography and dance: Tony Tran and Hedda Rivrud
Co-produced by: Stellaris Dansteater
Supported by: FFUK and Spenn
With support of: Schous kulturskole
Photos and video: Antero Hein


8th November 2013, Dansefestival Barents, Norway (PREMIERE)
9th November 2013, Mørketidsfestivalen, Norway
15th November 2014, Scenehuset, Norway
16th November 2014, Scenehuset, Norway
21th February 2015, Dans/5, Norway
22t February 2015, Dans/5, Norway
27th April 2015, Cultural House Oslo, Norway
15th June 2015, Bygdetunet Lier, Norway
10th August 2015, Festival Franje Amersfoort, Norway
11th August 2015, Festival Franje Amersfoort, Norway