Two men perform a ritual, a playful and animal-like choreography. Through repetetive movements and attacks they create rhythmical beats. As their bodies melt into one but yet get separated – their relation becomes more complex. As lights and shadows are forming the room, the duet intensifies through physical attacks, -creating a visually expressive and intimate world. Schismogenesis is a collaboration between choreographers and dancers Tony Tran and Antero Hein.

Inspired by Gregory Bateson ‘s theory of schismogenesis, the project explores a form of physical partnering that affects and regulates the dynamics between two parties. Bateson uses the term schismogenesis to describe the progressive dynamic in a relation between groups or individuals. This process escalates as the partners interfere on each other’s boundaries, offering its spectators a sense of risk and vulnerability.


Choreography and dance: Tony Tran and Antero Hein
Composer: Jens L. Thomsen
Photo: Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch
Video: Hein Creations
Co-producers: Dansearena Nord, Seanse Art Center, Menningarmiðstöð Fljótsdalshéraðs
Collaboration with: Reykjavik Dance Atelier, Kulturhuset/Stadsteater Stockholm
Funded by: the Nordic Cultural Fund, the Norwegian Arts Council, the Fund for Performing Artists, Dansekunst i Ostfold, Moss Municipality

Runningtime approx. 40 minutes



9th September: Baredans Festival, Norway
11th september: Lofoten Culture House, Norway
12th september: Meieriet Culture Center, Norway
13th september: Meieriet Culture Center, Norway
14th september: Meieriet Culture Center, Norway
18th september: Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway
19th september: Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway
25th september: Hurtigrutens House , Norway
26th septemer: Hurtigrutens House, Norway
27th september: Andøy Culture House, Norway
28th septmeber: Andøy Culture House, Norway
13th October: Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden
14th October: Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden
17th October: Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway
18th October: Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway
19th October: Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway
20th October : Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway
23th October: Røros Culture House, Norway
24th October: Inderøy Culture House, Norway
27th October: Teatret Vårt i Molde, Norway
31th October: RAS Sandnes Culture House, Norway
30th November: Showbox Festival Oslo, Norway

PREMIERE: 10th October 2016, Arctic Culture Center, Norway


29th March 2016, Reykjavik Dance Atelier, Iceland
03th April 2016, Menningarmiðstöð Fljótsdalshéraðs, Iceland
12th April 2016, Multieplié Dance Festival, Norway
29th May 2016, Parkteatret Moss, Norway