Encryption [2018] is a collaboration between dancer and choreographer Tony Tran and filmmaker Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen. The project is an interdisciplinary dance performance, with participants from the US and Scandinavia, exploring issues surrounding illegal surveillance and whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. The work attempts to choreographically engage the concept of encryption within an all-encompassing technological world, where humans are shaped by, and spied upon through, electronic apparatus. Encryption, the coding of information, is seen as a strategy for survival and means of resistance, one which may serve as a metaphoric map on how to integrate, maneuver and transform the information exposed/protected through such strategies, enabling new relationships to technology, reality and the human being.


Direction and concept: Tony Tran and Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen
Video, photo: Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen
Performer: Tony Tran
Dramaturg: Ingri Fiksdal
Composer: Mileece I’Anson
Costume: Tanja Andreeva
Professional consultant/Professor in cryptology: Lars Ramkilde Knudsen
Light and Video Consultant: Tobias Leira
Outside Eye: Marie Bergby Handeland
Consultant: Annika Ostwald
Co-produced: Black Box Theatre Oslo, DansiT
Collaboration partner: Grenland Kunsthall, Nordic House Reykjavik, Nordic Institute in Åland
Supported by: the Norwegian Arts Council, the Audio and Visual Fund, the Fund for Performing Artists, the Nordic Culture Fund, City of Oslo, Norwegian Network for Performing Arts for Young Audiences